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2S LimouSolution is a specialized business software for limousine / sedan /chauffeur services at the highest level.
The system consists of various software components and provides the user with many important advantages:

  • Efficiency for basic processes
    Efficient processing of basic business transactions from the inquiry about the offer and the booking confirmation to invoicing
  • Simple, fast and efficient driver communication
    Communicate with your drivers extremly easy and reliable via (pdf) tripsheet, E-Mail, SMS, Smartphone / Tablet – App or WebApp.
    The WebApp can be used even by the drivers of your subscribers
  • Customer service and professional public image at the highest level
    Respond your customer inquiries quick and reliabel consistently in your corporate design.
    The customer login area offers the customer comfort at the highest level.
  • The software increases efficiency in all business areas
    Easy and fast processing along the entire process chaine. Avoiding errors at the highest level saves a lot of time and money.
  • Networking made ​​easy
    The system simplifies the collaboration with partners / subscribers in the highest degree and allows very fast placement and acceptance of reservations.
    Users of this leading software are very valuable partners in a network.
    2S LimouSolution is the most widespread European limousine service software.
  • Fast and efficient
    All the necessary data are available for all components of the software at any time and are available simultaneously .
  • Multiuser
    Any number of users can work simultaneously with the software.
  • Fits to your business
    Available are different trim levels – suitable for any size of business

Desktop? Webbased? App?
2S LimouSolution is not just a software but a perfectly matched system. 2S LimouSolution uses the best fitting technology for each task.

Please contact us for further indormations or your online demo:

Kai Sperling
Phone: +49 881 923 24 50
Email: info(at)2s-info-media.de
skype: kai.sperling